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Le Thia Cares Cosmetology & Beauty Academy

Le Thia Cares Cosmetology and Beauty Academy, We provide the best cosmetology and dermatological services in Tamil Nadu. Le Thia Cares specialized in Providing training for doctors, Beauticians, hair stylist etc . Our institution has graduated over 200 students who have finished beautician and cosmetology courses, and their confidence speaks volumes about us. Course Include Practical More than the theory. We welcome you to be part of our family

Skin Care

Your skin deserves a routine as unique as you are. We Le Thia Cares offers you Skin Whitening, Anti-Ageing, Botox & Fillers, Vampire Facial / PRP, Chemical Peels, Hydra Facial, Skin Rejuvenation, Carbon Laser Facial and many more.

Hair Care

Le Thia Cares will help you step into healthy Hair by offering Frontal Hair Loss, Hair Transplantation, Dandruff, Hair PRP Treatments. Once the hair loss is stabilized, we provide topical treatments alone.


Le Thia Cares incessantly strive to offer the finest visible solutions through advanced FDA approved machines & treatments such as Cryolipolysis (Cool Sculpting), Body Contouring, Figure Correction, Weight Loss, Inch Loss Treatments.


Laser is used to treat pathological conditions directly and does not cause thermal damage to the tissues. It delivers treatment quick efficient and safe.


A missing tooth spoils a lovely smile and confidence. Replacing a missing tooth is important both for the appearance and for the health of the patient. Dental Implants act as giving an appearance similar to natural teeth, providing confidence to the patient.